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   Underwater work is specialist work requiring appropriate training, practise and equipment to properly perform it. Presently, PHU IBF is one of the few companies in the region of Warmia and Mazury, which, in accordance with the above-mentioned Act is authorised to carry out underwater work in sea and inland waterways.

We offer our services in the field of underwater work:
- inspections of canals, sewage pipes,
- inspection, survey and supervision of hydro-engineering structures,
- search and recovery work,
- water reservoir surveys,
- repair and maintenance of equipment and devices located below the water surface,
- clearing bathing beaches and inspections of piers,
- underwater concrete placement, bottom reinforcement and wall sealing,
- we make digitally-recorded film and photo documentation,
- drawing up bathymetric charts and water reservoir studies,
- documentation of sunken objects, including determination of probable causes of sinking,
- technical assessment of the vulnerability of load-bearing structures (e.g. bridge piers),
- underwater electric-arc cutting and welding.

Throughout the project, the diver's work is being monitored.

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